Quality in every detail

The choice of one of our products is the beginning of a path shared with the customer, who from the very beginning gathers our support, in the analysis of his own need and then in the search for the most appropriate solution because, the installation of a fan, must have special attention in terms of safety and functionality.

Suction power, reliability, ease of use and silence:they are part of the guidelines we have followed, with particular attention to research and development, always focusing on innovation in continuously improving the functionality and ergonomics of the machines, but also to reduce noise, improve energy saving and develop excellent solutions according to different needs and problems in accordance with EC directives.

Meridiana Aspiratori is a historical Company and the only partner, since 1997, of the major Italian brands of electric fans, electric motors and industrial inverters in prompt delivery for Southern Italy and Islands. We also deal with the engineering of industrial suction systems, taking care of every detail and the needs of our customers because, for us, this means establishing a fiduciary relationship over time that goes beyond the simple purchase, representing a shared road to travel that meets transparency, fairness, honesty, respect, trust and innovation.

Thanks to our commitment and passion, we always succeed in guaranteeing the highest quality for our customers, always working to bring new technologies and resources to the market that can strengthen its brand and the idea of a company capable of maintaining itself at the top of the market and striving every day to continue to be the benchmark and guarantee its customers real benefits and satisfaction.

We commercialize products for industrial extraction and air treatment that are technologically advanced and developed with respect to safeguarding and sustainability. An important part of the company's policy concerns the search for means and systems capable of minimizing environmental impact.

It is our goal to maintain a high level of safety for the operator without indirectly causing pollution problems.

We turn to Italian production because we believe that quality is the fundamental principle for a company's efficiency and reliability. Our products are of high quality standard, guaranteed by materials and production strictly Made in Italy, meet all quality standards required by current regulations.

Because our mission is to find better and better solutions based on our experience and the use of new environmentally sustainable technologies, a methodology that is the basis of our company policy.