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Meridiana Aspiratori is specialized in a wide area of solutions for air extraction and plants air treatment. Since 1997 it has been selling and assembling air extractors, extractors, and air circulators all in stock.

The years

Of our company's history in the market.

Electric fans

Projects in which we have operated by finding the best solution.

Electric Motors

Assembled and marketed.


That we have fulfilled over the years in the world.
Meridiana Aspiratori the solution

We look beyond

We are a dealer of MZ Aspiratori and our entrepreneurial ability has led us in a short time to partnerships of international importance, Simotop, SEIPEE and Invertek Drives have seen in our company a new business model for the marketing of electric motors and inverters.

Today we are an established and consolidated industrial reality throughout Central and Southern Italy and the Islands, we play the role of sole interlocutor for companies and operators in the sector who wish to have in their plants, quality products, a serious customer care service and a sound and reliable commercial policy.

Reliability, dedication, professionalism make us the undisputed and renowned protagonists in the circle of the great market leaders for the marketing of fans and electric motors.

The wide range of models is able to meet the requirements of various fields of application: from the woodworking sector to the mechanical sector, from civil to industrial plant engineering, from traditional painting plants to advanced technology waste recycling plants and everything that requires air movement.

Meridiana Fans Vision

Together with our partners we want to provide the best solutions for industrial automation and power generation system applications, helping to improve productivity, safety and reduce downtime, thus contributing to optimize our customer's performance.

Our guiding principle is to provide solutions as well as quality products. We are able to position ourselves as a partner to those companies that, in addition to quality products, require solutions tailored to their needs. Our solutions are the result of systematic engineering work, acquired over the years through study and research.

Italian production

We believe that quality is the fundamental principle for the efficiency and reliability of a company. Our products are of high quality standard, guaranteed by materials and by a production strictly Made in Italy, moreover they respect all the quality standards required by the norms in force.

Green Vision

We consider sustainability to be an integral part of our business model. Our sensitivity stems above all from the reality in which we operate, which sees us at the forefront in pursuing responsible objectives in air treatment, and we believe that promoting new tools for sustainable development is everyone's duty.


In Meridiana Aspiratori we appreciate the culture of collaboration and proactivity.

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Meridiana Aspiratori s.r.l.
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The founder

Luigi Rocco

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It is said that in order to drive and move forward safely, you have to keep an eye on the rear-view mirror. Our rear-view mirror recalls the figure and personality of Luigi Rocco, founder of Meridiana Aspiratori srl in 1997.

Today, Meridiana is growing and transferring skills and innovation to new territories and international markets. The key symbol, from which the company's name derives, is the Meridian of the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, an indicator of the passage of the Sun at noon, the South of Italy.

Our TeamOur team

Warehouse/Assembly ManagerPaolo Citro
Sales / General InfoAlessandro Rocco
Administrative/Logistics ManagerMaria Rosaria Rago
Commercial Manager/AdministratorAndrea Rocco

Our servicesMeridiana Aspiratori

The only dealer of the major Italian brands of electric fans, motors and industrial inverters for prompt delivery in Southern Italy and Islands.

01Trade policy

We have always pursued for our customers a vision and a commercial policy based on clarity, seriousness and precision.


We are reliable partners and the proof is in the history of our brand, the growing number of customers and business partners who have relied on us.

03Made in Italy

We look for quality in all the products we deal with, for this reason we have relied on manufacturers in our area.


Our planet is unique, we have decided to undertake a corporate policy that safeguards the planet and its inhabitants.