Tax Credit 4.0: what it is and how it works for Industry 4.0

know how to manage both the production and financial aspects well. With this in mind, the tax credit is a facility that the State makes available to businesses for the investment of tangible and intangible assets.


Il The tax credit 4.0 helps achieve what is commonly referred to asindustria 4.0or the process of industrial automation that, thanks to the use of the internet, tends to optimize and speed up production. The aim of the latest industrial revolution is to automate and make industrial production systems more efficient and interconnected.

What is the tax credit 4.0?


While the tax credit epresents an incentive that the company can claim from the State to cover any of its debts, The tax credit 4.0which is part of the Transition 4.0 plan, concerns investments in new tangible and intangible capital goods aimed at the technological and digital transformation of the production processes of companies that produce within the State's territory.


Tra i Among the tangible assets 4.0 Industrial suction and cooling systems, if equipped with filtration, are in fact included in the tangible assets 4.0 Annex 'A' of the budget law, for which the incentive is confirmed to the extent of 50 per cent (no longer 40 per cent) of the purchase cost of the complete system with a total value of up to EUR 2.5 million.


How to apply for the tax credit?


To take advantage The tax credit 4.0it is important to take into account certain criteria and deadlines. While initially it was possible to claim this type of credit only until December 31, 2022, an extension of the bonus was established until June 2023 and, in some cases, until 2025(tangible assets 4.0 bonus).

Who is eligible for the tax credit 4.0?

There are many possible beneficiaries of the tax credit promoted by Industry 4.0. In fact, it can be accessed by all companies resident in the territory of the Stateregardless of their legal form, economic sector, size and tax regime.


However, two requirements are considered essential to enjoy this benefit. Companies must:


  • comply with workplace safety regulations
  • regularly pay workers the social security and welfare contributions to which they are contractually entitled.


You can take advantage of the tax credit 4.0 by installing an air extractor controlled by our state-of-the-art Cerebro system in your company.If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a consultation via e-mail or telephone.