Meridiana Aspiratori srl was born in 1997 with the aim of providing the industrial businesses with products and services. Thanks to its strategic position in the industrial area of Fisciano, situated 10 kilometres north of Salerno, Meridiana Aspiratori is recently expanding its business and it is the first firm in southern Italy to provide industrial electrofans prompt delivery. The large range of models can satisfy many requirements in different fields: from the field of wood to the field of mechanic uses, from civil plant engineering to industrial plant engineering, from the traditional painting systems to the advanced tecnology ricycling systems which require air handling. The stocked wharehouse of Simotop electric engines adds a further service to the customers’ requirements. The strong points of our business are the quality of the product, a careful commercial policy, the professionality of the staff, and the organization of the technical office. All this garantees both an accurate and fast service and competitive prices.


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